How Winter Affects Your Car’s Windshield

Sep 29, 2022


When preparing your vehicles for winter, many people overlook the windshield. However, cold weather can put a great deal of stress on your windshield, so it is essential to find efficient solutions to maintain it to retain visibility, safety, and the structural stability of your car.

It is tough to see through your windshield in the winter. Sometimes you may still have to see through a little layer of moisture or condensation on the interior of your windshield even after scraping the snow off the exterior surface. Drivers must take care of their vehicles all year. These are the most critical and challenging jobs during the winter months when the weather is at its most extreme.

Knowing how winter might harm your car’s windshield can help you plan for some of the most difficult elements of maintenance. However, it’s suggested that if your windshield or any other auto glass is damaged, you should take it right away to a certified auto glass repair company so that experts can fix it.

Here’s how winter affects your car’s windshield and what precautions you should take.

The Effects Of Sudden Temperature Changes

Extreme weather can create cracks in addition to rock chips and debris. Glasses will shrink and expand when subjected to abrupt temperature changes since they are temperature-sensitive. Extreme heat can therefore be hard on your windshield and result in cracking. Pouring boiling water on an ice-covered windshield or blasting it with hot air can also cause serious damage. If your windshield has been severely damaged, get our high-end windshield replacement and repair service.

What Causes Winter Windshield Damage?

Along with the usual road risks, the treatment of your windshield will play a significant role in whether it sustains damage. The following actions have the possibility of damaging your windshield or aggravating a crack or chip.

The Use Of A Defogger Or Defroster

Your windshield will be under more pressure if you blow hot air on it. In most cases, using hot air to melt ice is beneficial, but it can damage a cracked windshield. It will degrade the integrity of your windshield and aggravate cracks.

Using The Wrong Tools

Only use windshield-specific instruments, such as ice scrapers and brushes. Avoid using tools like shovels and hammers to avoid doing serious damage. Even if the ice is thick, avoid poking or pounding your windshield when using your scraper. This method will cause damage to your windshield or aggravate pre-existing damage.

The Use Of Hot Water

Some individuals may splash hot water over their windshield when they are in a rush and want the ice to melt quickly. But you shouldn’t ever do this. Your windshield may fracture or even break when subjected to hot water. If your windshield already has issues, this action will be very catastrophic.

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The Best Ways to Maintain Your Windshield In The Winter

Here are some tips for keeping your windshield clean during the winter.

Frequently Clean Your Windshield

Ice and fog stick to the dirt on the exterior and interior of your windshield. We advise you to clean your windshield at least once every week. Use a non-repellent cleanser, especially one with a high water and vinegar content and little to no ammonia.

To clean the window, pick a microfiber cloth. The window should be cleaned in the shade and, if feasible, in your garage or another safe location.

Maintain A Full Washer Fluid Tank

You will use your windshield washer fluid a lot more frequently in the cold winter months. The view through the windshield will be clearer if the glass surface is clean. Additionally, it will be easier to identify any damage that needs repair.

In addition to keeping the washer fluid tank filled, maintaining your wiper blades in excellent condition can help them remove snow and ice more smoothly.

Immediately Fix Cracks and Chips

Your windshield could already have cracks from the cold weather. When the ice in the fractures freeze, it expands rapidly, shattering the glass as it does so. To prevent things from getting worse, you should get your windshield fixed as soon as possible. Failure to address the issue may necessitate a full windshield replacement.

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