Want Your Windshield Replacement To Last Longer? Follow These 4 Amazing Tips

Nov 10, 2022

Want-Your-Windshield-Replacement-To-Last-Longer-Follow-These-4-Amazing-Tips (1)

A common fear that people have about windshield replacement is that it does not last long. This strong belief is based on absurd fallacies that have nothing to do with reality.

Windshield replacement lasts as long as it is supposed to if kept with care, but if you don’t take care of it, its glass will eventually break.

It is just like throwing a glass of water on the floor and expecting it not to break. Similarly, people don’t take care of their windshield after replacement, and when it breaks, they blame it on the auto glass company.

Another common mistake people make is that they either try to DIY windshield replacement or go to an uncertified auto glass shop. What this does is that it eventually breaks the windshield because it is not installed properly.

The only thing you should do is take your vehicle to an MPI accredited auto glass repair company for windshield replacement, as only professionals will be able to replace the auto glass properly.

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There are many safety precautions that you can take to protect your windshield. This blog post will outline the top 4 startling tips that will help you prolong the life of your windshield replacement.

Always Park Your Vehicle In Safe Areas

A common mistake most people make is that they don’t pay much attention to where they park their vehicles. Like most people, you might also not realize how important it is to park your vehicle in a safe area.

So make sure to always park your vehicle under something because if you park your car on a busy road or in an open place, there are high chances of someone or something striking your windshield and damaging it.

Because a strike from a ball or heavy hailing is all it takes to crack your windshield, no matter when you have replaced your windshield, if you don’t protect it from harsh weather conditions, it will crack.

Hence, if you want your windshield to last longer, then always park your vehicle under some shade.

Replace Your Wipers Occasionally

Changing the wiper takes about 10 minutes, but this small change can increase the lifespan of your windshield by a trifold.

Most people don’t change their wipers, and once their rubber wears down, the metal of the wiper wipes over the windshield and scratches it.

We are not saying that you need to change your wipers every other day, but we are trying to tell you that wipers come in direct contact with your vehicle’s windshield, so if you are not taking care of them, it will affect your windshield.

Hence it is better to change your wipers occasionally than to change your windshield after every month or so.

By changing your wipers occasionally, you will save a lot of money on windshield replacement as it will last longer.

Drive At A Safe Distance

Another precautionary measure that you can take to increase your windshield’s lifespan is by driving at a safe distance.

Most people tend to drive very close to other vehicles, and that increases their chance of getting hit by rocks propelled by the other vehicles’ tires.

When you drive at a safe distance, you eliminate the chances of windshield damage caused by flying road rocks and debris.

Promptly Schedule Auto Glass Repair

Many people will push their windshield repair appointments to the very last minute. People see windshield repair and replacement as a variable expense that can be avoided. In reality, windshield replacement and repair should be considered a fixed expense that can’t be avoided.

So if you ever face any windshield problems, promptly schedule a windshield repair appointment with a certified auto glass repair company before the issue escalates.

Promptly scheduling windshield repair appointments will save you from spending a large amount of money on windshield replacement, as with regular appointments, you can increase your windshield’s lifespan.

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