Steps To Take When Your Windshield Cracks While Driving

Aug 11, 2022


A long drive is the best way to savour summer’s unending exhilaration and charm. Everything seems to be working its hardest to contribute to a perfect day from the calm and cool evening breeze to the sweet rustling sound of the leaves and the chirping birds. However, as you are lost in your delight, your eye suddenly catches a glimpse of something you had previously missed: a lengthy crack on your windshield—what a perfect way to ruin a blissful day.

Undeniably any type of windshield damage is a great nuisance. But when it happens while you are driving, the fear, annoyance, and frustration can reach new highs. Yes, you might not always be lucky to notice windshield damage when your car is parked safely at your house or a parking lot. Given the intense summer heat, the debris carried by the wind, and the consistently rising and falling temperatures, it may well happen in the middle of the road. Obviously, you can not ignore it until you get to your destination.

So the crucial question is, what will you do if this happens to you? As Winnipeg’s most sought-after windshield repair company, we are approached by numerous clients who half-heartedly recap the tale of how a small crack morphed into a bigger problem due to their mistake. Surely, you do not want to stand in the line of such people.

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In order to enlighten you about the appropriate course of action to take in such situations, this blog post will outline the steps you must take when your windshield suffers damage in the middle of the road.

Do Not Keep Driving

Ignoring a problem is never a wise solution.

Unfortunately, most drivers do not take the advice above seriously. They fail to understand that this attitude is risky for the vehicle and may also put their lives in danger. The latter is especially true if the damage is in the driver’s visibility line.

A damaged windshield no longer serves its primary purpose of ‘shielding’ a driver against wind pressure, debris, pieces of rock, and other elements. Instead, it becomes a safety hazard. A car’s auto glass is often intended to withstand the high-pressure contact of debris and rock particles. However, an already damaged glass will shatter and possibly injure the driver.

Hence, it is in your best interest to stop driving.

Safely Exit The Traffic

Panic and carelessness often go hand in hand. In a state of panic, people often abruptly stop on the road without forewarning nearby traffic. Unless it is your lucky day, this act can lead to a fatal accident. As a diligent driver, your every action should be carefully calculated instead of rushed.

Therefore, even if a crack catches your eye by surprise, act cautiously and pull over to a secure place and stop.

Carefully Assess The Damage

Instead of just visual inspection, get out of the car and physically examine the extent of the damage. How deep is the crack? Will a windshield repair service suffice, or will you need a replacement?

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Besides these aspects, you must also determine whether it is safe for you to continue driving with a cracked windshield or not. If the damage is severe, it wouldn’t be wise to take the vehicle back on the road as a slight jump or a sudden stop may shatter the glass. Similarly, if the crack or hole is in your line-of-sight, driving the car is out of the question and clearly illegal.

Decide Whether You Need Mobile Or In-Shop Auto Glass Repair Services

Apart from the damage endured, you must also consider the type of windshield repair services that you require. Can the damage be fixed using mobile services, or will you need to transport your vehicle to a repair shop? Exact Auto Glass proudly offers both mobile and in-shop repair services.

Request Windshield Repair Services From A Reputed Company

Once you have decided upon the type of service you need, ensure that you approach a reliable auto glass repair company. Often, unprofessional windshield repairs and replacements result in more damage than initiality.

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