What Types Of Windshield Damage Are Repairable?

Jun 17, 2022

What Types Of Windshield Damage Are Repairable?

When glass is damaged, the first thing that comes to mind is it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced with a new glass. Luckily, there are some windshield damages that can be repaired instead of replaced.

It is crucial to understand when to approach auto glass installers for repair or replacement services. Various factors are involved in identifying whether the windshield is repairable or not. The reason for the damage, location, size of the damaged part, etc help in making the right decision about repair or replacement.

It is a good practice to get the windshield repaired if the damage is small. This blog describes some repairable damages to a windshield. To learn more about windshield replacement, read situations in which windshield replacement becomes a must.

A Single Crack

If there is only one crack in the windshield, it is repairable. The crack can be very long or very small sometimes. In both cases, windshield repair is possible. Although, the redamage risk of a long crack is more than a small crack. Similarly, a crack with a wide circumference is also risky to repair. According to clients’ experience and feedback, repairing a small crack can last longer than a year.

However, if your windshield has more than one crack, either small or large, then repairing it is a risk. It is better to replace the windshield.

Multiple Breaks

Your windshield would be at risk if the damage caused multiple cracks. The cracks can be small or big. As long as they cover a wider area of the windshield, the damage is deemed to be irreparable. A repair, in this case, would be extremely difficult and may not be successful.

A professional windshield repair company will help you make the right decision. To be on the safe side after analyzing the multiple cracks. Check the length of the damaged area. If it is less than 4 inches, then it is repairable.

Star Crack

Most of the time, glass is cracked in the shape of a star. The density of a star crack may vary: It could look like a chip or a crack. These cracks usually damage the glass more in the center.

Star cracks are often not very big. Usually, they are not more than 4 inches in diameter. In most cases, star cracks are repairable. The repairing technique is selected by the technician according to the damage. Expert advice should be taken, and this type of repair should be done by expert technicians to minimize the chances of more damage.

Central Impact Crack

Sometimes, a windshield may get a crack that is deep in the middle and contains cones in its surroundings. The glass of the windshield is thick, due to which the crack affects the center point of impact. The damage done by this type of crack is repairable. It is quite easy to repair this crack because most of the damage is done at the center of the crack, and the surroundings have less damage.

Repairing this type of crack is not a big deal, but the repair should be done by a professional technician. The chances of breakage from the middle of the crack are high which makes the repairing process risky.

Half Moon Crack

You might have come across this crack. It looks like a half-moon. These cracks are usually small in size. They are easy to repair if the repair is done immediately. If not repaired on time, this crack can become risky after some time.

If a moon crack is more than 3 inches long, which is a rare case, then it’s better to go for a replacement windshield. It is always a good idea to get an expert’s advice in this regard. You can contact the expert technicians of Exact Auto Glass to get advice about your damage. The technicians will analyze the damage and then tell you your best option.

The place of damage is also important to understand its consequences. If the crack is in the middle, it is more likely to increase in size over time. If the crack is on the driver’s side, it will affect the visibility. So expert advice should be considered before repairing or replacing the windshield.

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