The Truth Behind Misleading Windshield Replacement Myths

Mar 31, 2022


Regardless of the society, class, economic background, or geographical area you hail from, myths will always be a part of every aspect of your life. No matter how advanced humankind becomes, the dissemination of erroneous and misleading information will probably never cease. Despite the world’s best efforts to dispel falsehood and myths, their complete erasure from the Earth’s surface is frustratingly unattainable.

While myths are common in every industry, the technical sectors such as the automobile industry suffer the most from the propagation of untruthful information. This is because people often abide by the inaccurate information they attain and inflict more harm than good in an attempt to resolve technical issues. For example, myths about the windshield replacement process often result in problems that did not even exist in the first place.

In truth, the windshield replacement process is not a walk in the park and should never serve as an empirical specimen. Proper research and investigation of a problem should be done before attempting any DIY techniques. In fact, such technical matters are better off left in the hands of a professional auto windshield repair company.

As a result, the goal of this blog is to expose some of the most common fallacies and myths about the windshield replacement procedure in order to save our valued customers from incurring unnecessary costs.

The Most Common Fallacies And Myths About Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is highly crucial to the structural integrity of your automobile. Although every part of a vehicle’s surface valiantly battles harsh weather elements, the windshield bears the most in terms of withstanding wind loads, flying pebbles, and other external cruelties.

Resultantly, despite the industrial advancements in technology to better protect windshields, their deterioration is inevitable. Even the most minor problems can evolve into major challenges if a windshield is mishandled. In this regard, the primary culprits behind the mishandling are the following myths:

Windshields Are Immune To Breakage

This myth might sound like a no-brainer, but it is pervasive for people to misunderstand the qualities of laminated auto glass, also referred to as safety glass. Although modern auto glass boasts excellent persistence thanks to technical refinements in the manufacturing process, they are not entirely shatterproof.

Yes, auto glass can easily withstand fluctuating temperatures, wind loads, and flying debris. They also do not shatter into pieces like traditional glass. However, laminated glass bursts into harmless fragments under extreme circumstances. Come to think of it, why would we even discuss chips and crack if windshields were immune to breakage?

Nevertheless, some cars feature bulletproof glass, but an average or even a luxury car rarely has this type of glass.

All Auto Glass Repair Companies Exaggerate The Problem

Similar to myths, scams are also a norm in the current era. However, the latter does not mean that every auto glass repair professional that comes your way intends to rob you of your hard-earned money. Believe it or not, virtue and professionalism still exist.

The key is to use your better judgment and continually seek out a reputable company for the windshield repair or replacement task.

Small Cracks And Chips Are Harmless

This myth is perhaps the most common one. Even the cracks in the stagnant walls of your house begin to expand as time goes by. So why would you think the cracks or chips on the windshield of your vehicle will remain the same? Unlike a stagnant structure, a car undergoes constant vibration, bumps, changing temperatures, and extreme pressure.

Hence, these seemingly harmless minor cracks and chips will expand faster than you think if you leave them unattended.

Windshield Replacement Is A Must Regardless Of The Extent Of Damage

On the other hand, some people go a bit overboard in an attempt to be extra cautious. You do not have to spend money to replace your windshield every time you see a small crack. It is a good idea to care for your vehicle, but unnecessary investments are nothing more than throwing away your money.

Thus, you should stick to an auto glass repair if it suffices and only opt for a replacement when the auto glass repair professional suggests that you do so.

Anyone Can Replace Or Repair A chipped Or Cracked Windshield

DIY is gaining immense popularity nowadays. However, the success rate of these techniques and tricks is not very delightful. Take a recipe as an example. Do your first few attempts come out as perfect as the one in the video?

Windshield repair or replacement is a technical matter and should be left to professionals.

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