How Outside Temperature Affects Your Auto Glass

Aug 18, 2022


Windshield damage can be aesthetically unpleasing. This can be a significant headache for car owners since it risks their safety. Such windshield damage can occur for several reasons, including temperature changes, collisions with objects, and projectile impacts. You should quickly get your windshield repaired or replaced from a reliable windshield repair company in these situations.

The expansion and contraction of glass are closely related to variations in air temperature. Your windshield glass will be impacted if the temperature difference between inside and outside the car quickly increases. Under the strain, it leads to glass cracking or chipping. This weakens the glass’ structural integrity and aggravates safety issues.

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In this blog post, we’ll explain some of the most common ways in which air temperature can affect your windshield.

The Effects Of Hot And Cold Air Temperatures

You want to keep your car’s interior cool while it’s hot outdoors. On the other hand, you want to warm up the interior when it’s cold outside. Out of concern for our comfort, we frequently overlook the impacts of such quick cooling and heating on the windshield of our automobiles. Such temperature differences can result in cracks, splits, and in rare circumstances, even severe damage to the majority of windshields.

The Cold Causes Auto Glass To Contract

Extreme cold causes stress on glass parts, including the metal and sealant holding it to the frame. The tension is equally distributed when every component is completely intact. However, issues might arise even if there are tiny chips or cracks.

Damaged vehicle glass suffers the brunt of cold-induced stress because certain places are naturally more fragile. Ultimately, when the cold drives the glass to compress, even little faults in your windshield can gradually or abruptly turn into massive fractures.

Heat Forces The Auto Glass To Expand

It’s still dark outside and very chilly in the morning, so you have to warm up your car before driving to work. How do you behave? Turn on the defrost at full power, right? Wrong! Put an ice cube in a glass of warm water and imagine the effect. What are you hearing? Cracks, indeed. Now picture your car’s windshield as that ice cube.

A cold windshield is far more likely to grow existing chips or small cracks into much more serious issues when warm air is blasted at it. Since cracks tend to go toward heat, any faults may also move toward the warming temperature as your glass steadily expands.

Temperature Variations And Unexpected Glass Damage

Extreme temperatures, especially excessive heat, can cause the glass to break unexpectedly. Although it doesn’t happen often, it does occur in a few car types, so you should be aware of it so you can try to avoid it.

Unfortunately, a large number of car owners who have reported similar accidents claim that they were driving when the damage happened. However, you may lessen your chance of encountering a similar situation by limiting the amount of direct sunlight that enters your sunroof or moonroof. The window will be cooler when you start driving if you keep it colder when parked, which also reduces the likelihood of experiencing sudden glass damage.

How To Prevent Auto Glass Damage Caused By Temperature

Before turning on the defrost or air conditioning, check your windshield and/or rear window for any tiny chips or cracks to stop current vehicle glass damage from getting worse.

Request professional auto glass repair services as soon as you notice any potential problems. Protect your vehicles’ glass from additional heat or cold-related damage while you’re waiting for your appointment. The best approach to protect your car’s windows and decrease the likelihood of ever requiring a new windshield is to fix minor damage properly.

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