Situations In Which Windshield Replacement Becomes A Must

Mar 25, 2022

Situations In Which Windshield Replacement Becomes A Must

Most of us falsely assume that humankind only feels an emotional attachment to living things. For example, some people cherish their children more than anything else, while others treat their pets as their children. However, it is wrong to completely disregard the possibilities of an emotional attachment towards mechanical objects, like gadgets and vehicles. Indeed, you must have heard automobile enthusiasts refer to their cars as their ‘sweethearts’ or even the ‘love of their life.’

If you are one of them, you certainly are familiar with the heart-sinking feeling that comes when you see a chip or a crack on your beloved car’s windshield. Regardless of the love you have for your vehicle, many of you are undoubtedly guilty of ignoring small chips and cracks due to your so-called busy life and ignoring the need for a windshield replacement or repair. However, it is worth remembering that your mechanical sweetheart needs the same amount of love and care that you bestow upon your pets, if not more.

Why? Because, unlike a living tissue that has the inherent privilege of healing on its own, a mechanical object’s wounds only widen if left unattended. Hence, ignoring a small chip repair only leads to heightened windshield replacement costs.

However, there are situations in which a windshield replacement is inevitable. Hence, in this blog, we shall briefly discuss each situation that requires a complete auto glass replacement rather than a repair.

When Does A Windshield Replacement Become A Must?

While a windshield repair often suffices for any auto glass issue in its initial stages, there are circumstances where such repairs won’t work. In fact, in these situations, opting for a temporary repair rather than a replacement will worsen the issue and lead to unplanned costs or even life-threatening conditions (as discussed below).

Therefore, never postpone a windshield replacement when:

Your Windshield Installation Was Done Inaccurately

“I can do it at a cheaper price.”

The latter is the most tempting sentence that seems to override every automobile owner’s thinking capacity and objectivity. If the word ‘cheaper’ gave you a pang of excitement, then you are certainly one of the people who have unintentionally forsake quality in the name of savings.

However, if you do the math, the ‘cheaper’ alternative often proves to be extremely expensive in the end. Usually, these second-rate shops often pay very little attention to the windshield installation process, which results in you having to do it all over again. Thus, the ‘cheaper price’ is not worth it at all.

As an amendment to your mistake, request a professional auto glass replacement company to do the job this time.

Your Windshield Does Not Meet The Provincial Regulations

As a regular driver, you are undoubtedly aware of the speeding tickets you get from time to time. However, did you know that you may earn a ticket for a faulty, damaged, or even foggy windshield, too?

Yes, depending upon the province you reside in, you may have to endure a serious fine for a cracked or chipped windshield. This is because Transport Canada lays down various road and vehicle safety policies. If your windshield is not up to the standard, a problem arises. In such circumstances, a replacement becomes an obligation by law rather than an option.

The Windshield Is Hit By A Heavy Item

This one is perhaps the most obvious reason your windshield may need a replacement. If a baseball or a rock has hit your beloved car’s windshield resulting in a wide web-like crack or a gaping hole, replacement is the only solution.

The Damage Is In Your Line-Of-Sight

Likewise, if the damage, crack, or chip is in your line of sight, replacement is the ideal option for your betterment and that of the other drivers on the road. Although the damage may not be big enough and a repair may suffice, the fact that the repair will leave a mark puts your safety under question. This mark may distract you and cause misjudgments while you drive. These may prove detrimental.

The Windshield Has Endured Frequently Changing Extreme Temperatures

Harsh Canadian winter weather is not a new phenomenon for any driver. The contractions and expansions of the auto glass as a result of the fluctuating temperatures deteriorate its condition. Gradually, the structural integrity of the windshield declines, and it may easily burst even upon light collisions.

Therefore, if your car’s windshield has endured frequent harshness of the elements, have it inspected by a professional and contemplate a replacement for your safety.

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