Windshield Replacement



If you are looking for a reliable replacement for your windshield, you are at the right place.

A windscreen is an important structural component of your vehicle. You can’t use your vehicle safely without a properly functioning windscreen. So, to keep your vehicle roadworthy, a damaged windscreen needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


Windshield replacement is surprisingly easy, quick, and affordable. However, quality workmanship is paramount, and settling for anything below the best is not worth it.

When To Get A Windshield Replaced

In many instances, when there is a small chip or crack on the screen, it can be repaired, but sometimes the damage may be too deep, too complex, and too big for a repair. These situations require complete windshield replacement.


Why Get A Windshield Replaced?

A damaged windscreen is dangerous and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Cracks can:

  • Obstruct the driver’s view
  • Cause the glass to look wavy and distorted
  • Cause a whistling noise
  • Allow rainwater to leak into the car
  • Compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle

The Process Of Windshield Replacement

At Exact Auto Glass, we use all our experience to replace the glass professionally to ensure that the final look is similar to the original windshield. Our replacement process includes:

  • Proper vehicle inspection for damage identification
  • Removal of damaged glass
  • Cleaning the glass attaching area
  • New sealant and primer application
  • Moulding and settling of the new glass
  • Securing the glass in the trim

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Exact Auto Glass for your windshield replacement, you are getting the services of Winnipeg's best and most trusted auto glass company.

We have a track record of providing quality workmanship, value for your money, and friendly personal services. Some of the perks of choosing us to replace your windscreen include;

  • Our replacement glass meets OEM standards
  • Convenient mobile service
  • Free mobile service within 25km of Winnipeg, MB
  • We are MPI accredited
  • Trained, friendly, and experienced workers
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Lifetime warranty on our work to the original vehicle owner

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