Windshield Replacement In Winnipeg

Windshield Replacement in Winnipeg

The windshield of a vehicle is important for the safety of the driver and passengers. If your car windshield has been damaged badly due to a mishap, you must wonder how to return it to its normal condition. The windshield replacement is an easy, quick, and affordable option to save you from reinvesting in a new vehicle. As your safety and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us, we use high-quality materials and advanced techniques for every task. Turn to Exact Auto Glass for an efficient, cost-effective windshield replacement covered by insurance and its surrounding areas. If repair is possible, we prioritize repairing the broken part instead of replacing it. Our strong quality control, attention to detail, and skillful services have helped us win the trust and confidence of all our clients over the years. Call us anytime to hire our windshield experts in Winnipeg.

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When Should You Replace Your Windshield

In certain occasions of windshield damage, such as a hole or several cracks in the screen, it will become obvious that a replacement is the only feasible solution. However, there are some instances when you are confused, like when only a few minor cracks or scratches are visible. It is always better to consult a windshield expert, irrespective of the visible size of the damage. Sometimes, a small chip on the windshield may detach or shatter it during a drive, causing severe harm to the people riding in the vehicle

Here are some situations that call for an immediate MPI  replacement of your car windshield:

  • The cracks obstruct the driver’s view
  • The glass looks wavy and distorted
  • The cracked glass produces a whistling noise
  • Rainwater is leaking into the car
  • The car has become structurally weak

Contact us today for a quick and economical MPI windshield replacement service. Our team of highly-trained and courteous servicemen will listen to your queries and concerns before offering you a suitable solution that meets your budget.

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How We Replace Windshields

The replacement of a windshield does take longer than a repair. At Exact Auto Glass, we use our rich experience to replace the glass professionally to ensure that the final look is similar to the original windshield. Read on to learn how we will replace your car windshield:

Vehicle inspection

Our windshield mechanic will first carefully inspect the glass for damage identification.

Glass Cleaning

We will clean all the parts around the cracks and remove broken glass pieces

Removal of damaged glass

The mechanic will pull out the windshield frame and rubber gasket before removing the damaged glass from the frame

Cleaning of attaching area

We will thoroughly clean the area where the frame, gasket, and car edges are

New sealant and primer application

The mechanic will rub sufficient amounts of sealant and primer along the frame to prepare it for subsequent operations

Moulding and settling of the new glass

We will place a new windshield from a reputed manufacturer into the frame

Securing the glass in the trim

Finally, the frame will be lodged securely into its designated space in the car

We offer quick and cost-effective windshield replacement for different vehicles in and around Winnipeg. By virtue of our mobile services, we can reach you wherever you and your vehicle need us, along with our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. With Exact Auto Glass at your disposal, rest assured your vehicle is in capable hands.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing Exact Auto Glass for your windshield replacement, you are getting the services of a trusted auto glass company in Winnipeg. We have a track record of providing quality workmanship, value for your money, and friendly personal services. Some of the perks of choosing us to replace your windshield include the following:

High-quality materials

We use superior-quality adhesives and glass that meet OEM standards

Convenient mobile service

We will replace your windshield anywhere you want without any extra cost. Our mobile services are free within 25 km of Winnipeg, MB

Fully MPI Accredited

We are MPI accredited and trusted by all our past clients for reliable services

Experienced staff

Our well-trained, certified engineers and mechanics will provide you with friendly, convenient, and safe services

Fast turnaround times

We will take no more than one business day to replace your windshield

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our work to the original vehicle owner

To know more about how we may help you, get in touch with us today. We will be glad to serve you!

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Dependable Windshield Replacement in Winnipeg

Get efficient windshield repair, replacement, and installation services for your vehicle at Exact Auto Glass