Windshield Repair In Winnipeg

MPI Windshield Repair in Winnipeg

Exact Auto Glass is Winnipeg’s top choice for affordable and reliable MPI windshield repairs. Whether it’s a minor chip, crack, or a bigger issue, you can count on our professionals to have the knowledge and experience to repair it. Windshields are designed to provide structural strength to your vehicle while giving you better visibility by blocking the air while you drive. They are usually made up of two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass. The inner layer is called lamination, which holds together the broken outer layers in the event of an accident. Though all these layers are made of strong, hard glass material, they can crack when hit.

Windshields are prone to cracks, dents, or damage on the road. A flying stone from the car driving in front of you or a bird can still hit your vehicle’s glass and create a permanent crack. However, depending on the crack’s type, extent, and size, you can probably get it repaired. Our experts can provide you with quick and long-lasting solutions or suggest going for a windshield replacement in case the damage is severe and extensive. Get in touch with us for more information on the extent of our auto glass services we offer across Winnipeg.

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Exact Auto Glass Windshield Repair Services

When your windshield cracks or gets damaged on the road, windshield repair services are what you need in such situations! Exact Auto Glass offers professional auto glass repair and replacement services across Winnipeg. We are an MPI-accredited auto glass repair company in Canada. Some reasons to choose us for windshield repairs, replacements, and installments are:

Better Prices And Service Reliability

With competitive prices in the market, we deliver reliable services that meet your expectations.

Same-Day Repair And Replacement Services

We can complete your work within 3 hours, understanding that it might take more time if recalibration is required.

We Guarantee Our Work

Our workmanship is guaranteed and lasts for a lifetime.

We Calibrate

We do recalibrations for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Exact Auto Glass also offers mobile services for windshield repair and replacement work. This is a time-saving and convenient solution for you if you’re unable to bring your vehicle to our workshop. We will come to your location with the necessary machines and repair your windshield at no extra cost.

If you are looking for a reliable windshield repair service company to repair your windshield in Winnipeg, give us a call right away!


Here are a few of the most common questions related to windshield repairs:

Why Is It Important To Repair A Cracked or Chipped Windshield?
Driving with your windshield intact is always advisable as it gives you many safety and protective benefits. Driving with a damaged windshield is unsafe and can increase the chances of getting into a fatal accident. The windshield acts as the supportive beam for your car; any chips or cracks on it can leave the roof of your car quite weak. It is important to repair even the smallest chip or crack at the earliest as it can quickly develop into a major issue that could require a full replacement which could be a lot more expensive.
Does It Matter Where The Impact Has Occurred?
Yes, it does matter where your windshield has cracked or chipped. Usually, if the damage is too close to the vehicle’s body, repairs are not possible. You will have to go in for a full replacement in this case. Replacement is preferable in a few other cases, such as if the damage has occurred in the driver’s line of sight.
How Much Do Windshield Repairs Cost?
The cost of auto glass repairs usually depends on the scope of the damage. The type of vehicle you drive and the glass used will also influence the price.
How Long Should I Wait To Drive After Getting My Windshield Repaired?
In most cases, there is no need to wait after a windshield repair service. But in case of a replacement, we recommend that you not drive your vehicle for at least an hour or two after service is completed to allow the adhesive to cure for the best and long-lasting results.
How Can I Avoid Windshield Cracks?
A crack in your windshield makes it difficult to see. It can also cause damage to the interior of your car in case of rain or snowfall if left unattended. Prevent windshield damage by following some simple tips:

Avoid driving close to trucks, especially those carrying building materials.

Avoid damaged highways and roads as small pieces of metal, stone, or debris could fall from these trucks on the road and hit your car.

  • Avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions and sudden temperature changes.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle under trees and buildings.
  • Use windscreen protection film.

The best way to avoid large windshield cracks and expensive automotive glass replacements are to repair small cracks in time. If your windscreen is hit with a small pebble which causes a crack or spot, you can cover the crack immediately with transparent tape. This will stop dust from depositing into the crack and prevent it from expanding until you repair it.

You can head to our FAQs page for more information and call Exact Auto Glass for all your windshield repairs, replacements and installments in Winnipeg! We look forward to working with you!

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