Windshield Repair



Windshields are designed to provide structural strength to the vehicle as well as give you better visibility by blocking the air. They are made up of two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass. The inner layer is called lamination, which serves to hold together the broken outer layers in the event of an accident. They are made of strong material but can be cracked when hit.


Windshields are prone to getting cracked, dented, or damaged on the road. A flying stone from the car driving in front of you or a bird can still hit your vehicle's glass and create a permanent crack. However, depending on the type of crack, you can get it repaired.

Exact Auto Glass Windshield Repair Services

Windshield repair services are what you need in such situations, and we offer professional auto glass repair services in Winnipeg. We are an MPI-accredited auto glass repair company in Canada and are offering services with:


Better Prices And Service Reliability

With competitive prices in the market, we deliver reliable services that meet your expectations.

Same-Day Repair And Replacement Services

We can complete your work within 3 hours, understanding that it might take more time if recalibration is required.

We Guarantee Our Work

Our workmanship is guaranteed and lasts for a lifetime.

We Calibrate

We do recalibrations for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Exact Auto Glass also offers FREE mobile services for windshield repair and replacement work. This is a time-saving and convenient solution for you if you can't bring your vehicle to our workshop. We will come to your location with the necessary machines and repair your windshield.

If you are looking for a reliable windshield repair service company to repair your windshield, contact us here.


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