Windshield Installation In Winnipeg



Exact Auto Glass excels in providing safe, error-free windshield installation services to its wide customer base in Winnipeg. Due to its sensitive nature, windshield installation requires a lot of vigilance, care, and expertise for the successful completion of the task. A minor error can damage the glass as well as the new sealant and primer. This can cost a lot of money and time both for the company and the customer.

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When To Get A New Windshield Installed

Many people think that a vehicle’s windshield should only be renewed when it is damaged as the result of a collision or accident. These are scenarios in which windshield installation is inevitable. Sometimes you may need to get a new windscreen installed when:

  • The glass gets a lot of scratches.
  • It stops providing a clear view despite proper cleaning.
  • Glass reflective power is lost and more.
  • There are irreparable cracks on the glass.

Why Choose Exact Auto Glass?

Some of the perks of choosing Exact Auto Glass for windshield installation include:

  • Free mobile service 25 km around Winnipeg
  • Glass meets OEM standards
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • Proper cleaning before and after auto glass installation
  • Lifetime warranty on our service to the original vehicle owner
  • Professionally licensed and trained auto glass installers
  • Exact Auto Glass is fully insured and MPI accredited company
  • Fast turnaround time
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