We are a full-service company providing top-class windshield repair services. We also replace and install new windshields on cars, trucks, and other vehicles whenever needed. Being an MPI-accredited company, our services meet the standards and are provided by skilled, trained, and experienced workers.

We take full pride in the quality of glass we provide. At Exact Auto Glass, we never compromise on quality, may it be our service, workmanship, or the glass we provide. The glass replaced and installed at Exact Auto Glass fully comply with the standards of OEM and Department of Transportation (D.O.T) certification.

Professionals at Exact Auto Glass are well-versed with their responsibilities and are trained to provide above-par services and deal with customers using quality soft skills. Hence, you can expect nothing but the best when choosing Exact for auto glass services.

Our services cover all aspects of installation and repairs needed by the windshield of a car or a truck. The services we provide include:

  • Windshield repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Windshield Installation
  • Mobile Glass Repair And Replacement

Windshield Repair

We provide repair services when the damage is shallow, like a small chip, scratch, or crack.

Windshield Replacement

We provide replacement services when the damage is too deep, complex, or your windshield is past its working life.

Windshield Installation

We are here to serve you and provide an original-looking windscreen when you have completely broken your windshield due to an accident or hitting something hard.

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