Auto Glass Safety Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs This Summer

Aug 4, 2022

Auto Glass Safety Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs This Summer

Like your beloved ones, kids, or pets, your automobile also requires a significant amount of care and attention. Even though it is just a lifeless mechanical machine, its owner usually has a strong emotional attachment to it. Besides, it is also a substantial financial investment. While every part of a car is equally critical and demands the same level of attention, a windshield requires extra care and caution.

Although this component is usually crafted from high-quality, durable, and robust material, it bears the most significant damage in extreme conditions compared to other parts.

While some incidents are a matter of fate and hard luck, most of the damage caused to a windshield can easily be avoided. For instance, regardless of the type of glass your windshield is made from, you know it is sensitive to temperature changes. Thus, if you intentionally leave it under extreme sunlight, you have no one to blame but yourself for any cracks.

As reputed auto glass installers in Winnipeg, we meet numerous clients on a daily basis with broken windshields. They all say the same thing: “Had I been a bit more cautious, this would not have happened.” But the sad part is that once a mishap occurs, there is no way back. The only thing you can do afterward is sulk in despair.

As they say, there is no use in crying over spilled milk. Well, let us stop the milk from spilling then.

In this blog post, we will reveal to you the safety tips you can follow to avoid standing in the line of criers this summer.

Promptly Request Auto Glass Repair Services

Ignorance is the worst sin an individual can commit toward their car’s windshield. From high air pressure, dirt particles, blazing sunlight, and storms, your vehicle’s auto glass endures a lot of harshness. Although windshields are made from robust materials, they need a tremendous amount of care and maintenance in order to retain their structural integrity.

Unlike your body which heals minor wounds on its own, a windshield does not enjoy this innate ability. Thus, if your car’s windshield has a minor chip, do not ignore it with the hopes that it will go away or remain as it is. With time, this chip will quickly develop into a bigger and more costly problem in the summer, given the excessive heat and temperature changes.

For this reason, it is in your and your car’s windshield best interest to promptly request car glass repair services to save yourself unnecessary costs in the future.

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Protect The Windshield From Direct Sunlight

In summer, direct sunlight is the biggest enemy to the well-being of your car’s windshield. While rapidly changing temperature is famous for causing stress cracks, the singular effect of direct sunlight is equally detrimental in the summer. Once the auto glass is exposed to sunlight (especially in the late morning, afternoon, and early evening), the glass and the metallic parts begin to expand.

After some time, the metal will start to expand faster than the glass, which puts pressure on the latter and causes cracks. Hence, you must never make the mistake of leaving your car under direct sunlight in the summer.

Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes

The constant expansion and contraction of materials due to varying temperatures is not a new phenomenon for anyone. You have surely learned this at some point in school. People often make the mistake of leaving their car in intense heat for a long time and then quickly turn on the AC when they start driving. This rapid change in temperature results in stress cracks which are costly to repair.

To avoid the above problem, you must let your glass cool down on its own for a while before turning on the AC.

Cover The Auto Glass During Storms

In Canada and especially in Winnipeg, surprise storms are not an out-of-the-blue occurrence in the summer. A crystal clear sky in the morning will look entirely different in the afternoon. The golden rule is that you must stop driving and park your car in a safe area if there is a storm. Unfortunately, people rarely follow this rule. In the end, people complain that they do not understand why their windshield shows minor marks everywhere.

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