How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

Apr 28, 2022

How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

Your windshield is a vital part of your vehicle, just like all its other parts. It plays a huge role in protecting the structural integrity of your vehicle.

So if your windshield is broken or even has a small crack, then you should take it to a certified auto glass repair company that offers top-notch windshield replacement and repair services, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Because if you delay the repair of your windshield, your small chip could turn into a huge crack, and then you will have to spend a lot more money on its repair.

No matter if you plan to resell your vehicle or want to use it for a couple of more years, a broken windshield only means trouble.

If windshield cracks are not fixed on time, they might cause harm and even fatal injuries to you as well as other passengers and drivers.

Many people are unaware of what happens during a windshield glass replacement and think that it is a very long process. Therefore most people linger on their windshield replacement


If you also don’t know what happens during a windshield replacement, then this blog post might come in handy as we will explain in detail the whole process of auto glass replacement. We also will answer the typical ‘how long does it take’ question.

When Should You Replace Your Windshield?

You don’t always need to replace your entire windshield. If the professional ensures upon initial inspection that the windshield cracks won’t spread and are minor, then you will just need to get it repaired.

Professional auto glass repair companies have experts who make sure that your windshield is fixed in place and fill all the cracks with glass resin.

Once the cracks are filled, you won’t be able to differentiate between the two, and your windshield will become good as new.

But if the cracks can not be repaired with glass resins, then you will have to take your vehicle to a certified auto glass repair and replacement workshop and will have to get your vehicle’s windshield replaced.

How Much Time Does Windshield Replacement Take?

Windshield repair usually takes 20 to 25 minutes but replacing the windshield entirely normally takes more than an hour or two.

Moreover, if the damage is huge, the professional mechanic might even ask you to leave your vehicle overnight.

So, the amount of time taken to repair and replace the windshield will depend on your vehicle’s model and the magnitude of your windshield’s damage.

How To Check If The Windshield Is Installed Properly

Once you have replaced your windshield, there are some ways in which you can test your windshield’s installation.

Here are some of the tests that you can run on your vehicle’s new windshield to check if it has been installed properly:

Water Leakage

No one likes water coming into their vehicle from their windshield. So it is important that you check for water leakage in your windshield.

The best way to check for water leakage is by spraying water on your new windshield. If there are any gaps, the water will enter your vehicle, and if it is properly sealed, no water will enter from your windshield.

If you see any spot, you should ask your mechanic to rectify the issue right away because if these issues are not dealt with properly, they will cause problems during harsh weather conditions.

Wind Test

After replacing your windshield, you need to ensure that the new windshield is sealed properly and there are no gaps in it.

Apart from the water test, you can also carry out the wind test. In this test, all you need to do is take your vehicle for a quick drive.

If, while driving, you hear air coming from your windshield, then this means that it has not been sealed properly.

Check For Visual Distortion

You should check for cracks and scars after replacing your windshield. If the windshield has chips and cracks, then it means that it won’t take long for it to break down again.

Most people diligently carry out this simple task, while some car owners overlook this aspect after replacing their windshield.

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