How Long Can I Drive With A Crack In My Windshield?

Oct 28, 2022


When your windshield, side window, or rear window gets a chip or crack, in an ideal world, you would immediately make an appointment for replacement at a reputable auto glass company. However, in the real world, you might not have enough time and be too busy to make it to the vehicle glass repair company to get your window fixed or repaired.

Car owners frequently ask how long they may continue to drive with a broken windshield and when to replace it. Check out this blog post to get the answers you are looking for if you ever find yourself in this situation.

An Overview Of Windshield Damage

Any number of factors, including ice, fallen trees, car accidents, errant baseballs, and more, can damage a windscreen. There are numerous types of windshield damage. Windshields can become damaged in various ways, from chips and fractures to “bullseye” damage, star-shaped breaks, and linear cracks.

Additionally, no two cracks are identical. A windshield expert’s experienced eye is required to identify the type of crack, whether the car may be driven safely, and the best course of action for repair.

Driving With A Cracked Windshield

Even with a shattered windshield, you can still drive. But that doesn’t make it a smart move. Windshield damage may result in penalties and fines, which may further drain your finances.

For several reasons, a fracture might endanger your safety and the safety of your passengers. This is why timely windshield repair or replacement is necessary.

In the first place, driving when a window is cracked might impair your vision, particularly if the mistake is on the left. Additionally, the windshield’s structural integrity may be compromised by damage to your car’s glass which may compromise the windshield’s structural integrity.

In extreme circumstances, a quick collision might cause your window to shatter in extreme circumstances.

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How Big Is The Crack Or Chip?

The more extensive the damage, the more probable it is that it will spread (and grow quickly). If you see a crack that is longer than a couple of inches, have it fixed as soon as you can, ideally within a few days.

According to a finding, 10% of repairs, replacements, and cracks that are six inches or smaller are called “short cracks.”

It is to your best advantage to find alternate transportation until your glass is corrected if you have a chip larger than a coin or one with minor fractures emanating from the center.

Consider The Location Of The Crack

It is crucial to know where the crack is formed. You should be able to see reasonably well if the crack is small and is on the right side of the car. However, if the crack impairs your ability to see while driving, call our windshield specialists immediately for a repair or replacement.

There is no use in risking your safety or the safety of your car by attempting to see around a sizable crack.

How Long Can You Drive If Your Windshield Is Cracked?

Choosing when to replace a shattered windshield might be difficult. You could wait a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months before having your windshield repaired or replaced, depending on the extent and magnitude of the damage.

Even while it can be safe to drive with a small crack in your car’s glass, the longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will sustain more damage. Any additional force, such as a bump in the road, can deteriorate even minor windshield chips or cracks and turn them into more serious issues.

It is preferable to have a cracked windshield fixed as soon as possible to prevent having to replace the complete windshield in the future.

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