Is It A Good Idea To Buy Used Auto Glass?

Nov 4, 2022


If your car requires a new windshield, but you’re a bit worried about the cost, you might be tempted to look for used auto glass to save yourself some money. However, in terms of both safety and cost, putting a used windshield or other glass on your car may not be your best option.

Although you may be able to purchase a used windshield, many MPI auto glass repair companies do not recommend it. Here’s what you should know about buying used auto glass so you can decide if used car windows are agood good idea for you.

Cheaper Doesn’t Always Mean Better

A brand-new windshield typically costs between $150 – $300. Compare that to the cost of a windshield from a scrap yard, which is around $50. The price difference is obvious. In most circumstances, you get what you pay for when purchasing automobile parts.

The same concept applies to auto glass. If you buy a secondhand windshield that has already been hit by an item, the glass is likely to break more readily in subsequent hits.

Glass Removal Can Result In Damage

Windshield installation is a difficult task. It is considerably more difficult to remove one. When you buy a secondhand windshield, it’s almost certain that you will get a piece of glass that came from another car. Unfortunately, since the removal procedure places a lot of stress on the glass, it frequently causes damage.

Windshields are intended to remain in place permanently. Automobile manufacturers and auto glass repair shops employ heavy-duty adhesives and sealants to hold them in place. When a scrap yard or parts supplier removes a windshield, the glass must be separated from the glue and sealant that is holding it in place.

This method exposes the glass to the possibility of acquiring little cracks or chips.

Disadvantages Of Used Auto Glass

Here are some of the most common downsides of used auto glass.

No Safety Is Guaranteed

When buying used auto parts from a scrap yard, whether it’s a windshield, headlight, radiator, or anything else, there’s no way to ensure the item is completely safe. While scrap yard workers can evaluate the parts, there is no way to know a part’s history, which might also influence its present safety rating.

However, if you’re thinking about buying a used windshield, you should be able to tell its condition merely by looking at it. You don’t want one with existing chips or cracks as the glass damage can impair the function and safety of the windshield.

Warranty Complications

If your car is still under warranty, purchasing a used windshield from a scrap yard is usually not a good idea. If you’re making payments on your car, you’re presumably covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance, which may cover the cost of a new windshield in full, depending on your deductible. Buying second hand wouldn’t make sense in that situation.

Most vehicle warranties require that new components are replaced. Thus, placing a used windshield from a salvage yard on your car or truck may violate your guarantee. If you’re not sure what your warranty covers, contact your provider before doing anything that might void it.

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Insurance Complications

Some insurance policies do not cover used auto glass. Consult with your insurance provider and agent to find out what your policy covers. It may be less expensive to go through them and acquire new auto glass.

If you are driving a rented car, the lease agreement may only allow you to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Check to ensure that you do not violate your leasing agreement.

Is Buying Used Auto Glass For A Classic Car A Good Idea?

When making this type of investment, it’s advisable to invest in replacement glass that comes with a guarantee. If you choose used glass, you may be unable to have it properly fitted since auto glass shops may refuse to conduct the task due to liability concerns.

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