Exact Auto Glass: Your Definite Choice For Auto Glass Repair

Feb 24, 2022

Exact Auto Glass: Your Definite Choice For Auto Glass Repair

Having your vehicle’s windshield cracked or broken is common. However, if you neglect those cracks or tiny chips on your windshield, they might lead to bigger problems. Therefore it is better to get your windshield repaired and fixed by a professional windshield repair company.

Exact Auto Glass is one such windshield repair, replacement, and installation company. We are an auto glass repair company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So if you are looking for professionals for windshield repair, car and truck glass replacement, mobile glass replacement, and more, you can contact us.

Our professionals are ready all the time to help you with auto glass repair and replacement services. Continue reading to find out how Exact Auto Glass can help you with your windshield repairs and why choosing us will be one of the best decisions you will make for your vehicle.

What Do We Offer?

Exact Auto Glass is a damaged auto glass repair and replacement company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If your car has gotten into an accident or was struck with a stone while driving, your windshield or screen may have been damaged. However, these small chips can be hard to spot and are not always visible to the naked eye. Still, they cause disturbance to the driver’s vision and thus makes it hard for him/her to drive.

Fixing those tiny cracks or chips or even bigger cracks becomes necessary so that you can enjoy a safe drive every time. Exact auto glass repairs damaged windshields as well as replaces and installs them when needed.

We Offer Same-Day Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of hiring Exact Auto Glass is that we offer same-day windshield repairs. We regard customers and take their time seriously. Our professionals are ready to fix those cracks, chips, and small holes within a day. We value your time and deliver your vehicle with all the repairs and replacements done on the same day.

We Are MPI Accredited

MPI stands for Manitoba Public Insurance accreditation which is necessary for repairing shops to meet or exceed the industry standards in training, tooling, and equipment.

If you are considering a vehicle repair, you must take it to an accredited repair shop who has qualified individuals and professionals with the right tools and machines to solve those complex procedures.

Exact auto glass is an MPI accredited company with the right tools and equipment to solve your windshield problems. We offer a lifetime warranty on our work.

We Offer Mobile Services

Apart from providing professional and affordable windshield repair services, Exact Auto Glass also offers mobile service. This means we will come to any location near your locality. For now, we don’t offer services at home or outside repair shops. Exact Auto Glass also offers a free mobile service if you are located within 25 km from Winnipeg.

This is an ideal option for those who do not find it feasible to bring their vehicle to us. For example, if you own heavy machinery that needs glass replacement. Our mobile service will reach your location in no time and offer you the most professional services for windshield repairs and replacements.

We Give An Estimate

Many people might be concerned about how much it will cost for them to get their windshield repaired. However, Exact Auto Glass is happy to inspect your car before and then provide an estimate at no charge. So you can decide on your own whether it is cost-effective for you or not.

We Offer A Product Warranty

Another plus point of exact auto glass is that we offer a lifetime warranty on the windshield auto glass if the owner has not changed.

Why Get Your Windshield Repaired?

Getting a windshield repair if there is a tiny crack or a chip is important because otherwise, it could turn into a bigger problem. A windshield not only protects the passengers from outside elements but is also a protective layer to keep them safe from injury in any event of an accident. Chips can quickly turn to cracks and might lead to unsafe driving.

It is, therefore, better to address small breaks before they become bigger issues. Moreover, a tiny crack can degrade a vehicle’s structural integrity. It won’t be able to provide the same structural support after it has been cracked or chipped. By choosing to delay these repairs, it will lead to bigger problems that might be too costly for you to repair at that time. In addition to this, driving with a chipped windshield is illegal and may result in a traffic violation ticket. Contact Exact Auto Glass for further support and for queries.