Top 3 Reasons Why Condensation Forms On Your Vehicle’s Auto Glass

Nov 25, 2022


A common problem most vehicle owners face in winter is condensation forming on their auto glass. This condensation hampers a driver’s line of vision, leading to many mishaps.

In winter, due to the extremely chilly weather outside, condensation forms on the vehicle’s auto glass which makes it difficult for drivers to see on the road.

The windshield is an integral part of every vehicle as it protects you from all outside calamities.

So if ever you face a minor problem with your windshield, immediately take it to a MPI certified auto glass repair company  and get it fixed as a minor problem, if not dealt with timely, can turn into a huge problem.

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The windshield is the most delicate part of your vehicle and can get damaged easily if not maintained properly. Hence, if you want to avoid the cost of windshield repair and replacement, then you need to take good care of your vehicle’s auto glass.

This blog post will outline the top 4 reasons why condensation forms on a vehicle’s auto glass and how you can prevent it.


Humidity is the first and foremost reason for condensation on a vehicles’ windshield. Typically, humidity is caused by a buildup of water that turns into vapour.

When there is more than one person in a car, humidity level increases, leading to more condensation on your vehicle’s windshield.

Suppose there are a few people in your vehicle. In that case, their breathing will increase the chances of windshield condensation as more people will breathe the humid air, increasing the water vapour ratio and forming condensation on your vehicle’s windshield.

Humidity is the main reason for condensation on windshields. To prevent this, it is best to keep an exit point for all the humid air. Otherwise, it will accumulate on your windshield.

Extreme Heat

Heat is another common reason for condensation on your vehicle’s windshield. When the temperature is boiling outside, and you blast the air conditioner in your car, it forms condensation on the windshield.

Temperature is basically moving molecules, and warm molecules have more space between them which is why more moisture is stored in them as compared to cold air.

So when you turn on your AC, it breaks the heat molecules, and the moisture is released in the air, which ultimately forms condensation on your vehicle’s auto glass.

Gap Between The Windshield And Frame

A gap between the auto glass and frame is another common reason for condensation on a vehicle’s windshield and windows.

Hiring a non-professional windshield installer to install your windshield leads to such instances as an uncertified windshield installer will not know how to install auto glass.

When a gap is left between the frame and glass it will cause condensation and bubbles on your vehicle’s windshield.

Hence, in order to avoid such a situation, it is advised that you hire a certified auto glass installer  from a certified auto glass company.

How To Get Rid Of Auto Glass Condensation

The best way to get rid of auto glass condensation is by taking care of your vehicle’s auto glass. Keep a close eye on your vehicle’s auto glass and take it to a certified auto glass company for regular inspection.

If you spot any chips or cracks on your windshield, immediately take it to an auto glass repair company and get it fixed. With proper windshield maintenance, you will be able to get rid of your auto glasses condensation.

Moisture inside your car is the main culprit of condensation on your vehicle’s auto glass. Here are some ways through which you can reduce the moisture in your car:

  • Use humidifiers
  • Roll down the windows
  • Don’t keep wet items in your vehicle

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