How To Check The Quality Of A Windshield

Jul 14, 2022

How To Check The Quality Of A Windshield

A high-quality windshield is less likely to get damaged. It can act as a life saver in an accident as a good windshield that is constructed from good glass will bear the pressure and jerk stronger than a bad quality windshield. In order to make sure your vehicle is in good condition, you must be aware of the type of parts used in it so that you are able to overcome damages and maintain your safety.

Windshield manufacturing is done using different types of glass. This difference directly affects the quality of the windshield. In addition to the glass, there are some other factors that also have a great influence on the quality of windshields.

Just like Exact Auto Glass , good auto glass service providers do not compromise on the quality of windshields. Still, it is important for the vehicle owner to have some know-how about windshield quality, manufacturing process, and glass types. As a result, you can be confident about the durability of your windshield.

This blog post will discuss how you can check the quality of your car’s windshield. For this, you need to understand the factors that influence windshield quality and how you can use them to determine the quality of various windshields.

Factors That Affect A Windshield’s Quality

Glass Type

The three main types of glass used in the market to manufacture good quality windshields include:

  • OEM Glass
  • Dealer Glass
  • Aftermarket Glass

Some factors make a certain glass different from the other and thus affect its quality as well. OEM is the highest quality glass used in the crafting of original windshields by vehicle manufacturers.

These manufacturing companies have carried out several tests to investigate OEM glass quality and concluded that the glass is not only the most durable but also the safest. Therefore, windshields manufactured with OEM glass are considered genuine and reliable.

Dealer Glass is slightly different from OEM in quality and manufacturing as it is manufactured by auto parts producers who are not certified for genuine glass manufacturing. Although dealer glass windshield manufacturers do not compromise on quality, still it is considered a second-best option.

Windshields made with dealer glass have similar specifications to the genuine windshield. Most auto glass repair processes involve the installation of these second-best quality windshields.

Some substandard glass windshields manufactured with aftermarket glass are also used in windshield replacement. However, these windshields are cheap and of low quality. Also, they are not able to withstand high pressure.

Glass Lamination

To check the quality of the windshield, deeply observe its lamination in order to ensure the lamination is genuine or not. PVB laminated glass has better quality, and has more power to restrain pressure.

Moreover, laminated windshields do not break into pieces. Rather the broken pieces of the sheet remain intact together. This is the reason a laminated windshield is considered safer, as it does not break and injure the driver or passengers. Therefore, a windshield that has a good lamination cover has better quality.

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Windshield Installation Quality Esurance

A poorly installed windshield is as dangerous as a low-quality windshield. For instance, if the quality of your windshield is A+, but it is installed by quackish technicians, then its durability is at risk. A windshield installation carried out by a reliable technician assures a windshield’s durability and longevity.

In the case where a glass shield is installed by an unprofessional technician using low-quality resources, the replacement or repair will be inadequate and result in more problems. Hence, the issues in the installation of a windshield can affect the windshield quality and cause breakage.

Windshield Repair Warranty

Genuine windshield manufacturers provide warranty service. Reliable service providers like Exact Auto Glass give glass reclaim options to their customers. In the case when your repair service provider is not willing to provide a repair warranty, do not rely on their service. Instead, find a reliable service provider from whom you can claim defects.

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