How To Handle A Broken Vehicle Window Due To Vandalism

Oct 13, 2022


Vandalism and break-ins are much more common than many people think. It can result in the total breakdown of your vehicle’s windshield or windows. Such substantial damage can only be repaired by an auto glass repair company.

However, it is common for people to panic in such situations. You should not get overwhelmed in such a situation and follow these simple steps to deal with a window that has been broken or damaged due to a break-in.

Call The Police

If you are sure that someone has broken into your car, you should not try to clean up the broken glass yourself. Instead, call the police first to file a report so that they can note down all of the relevant information. Filing a police report is also essential if you want your insurance to pay for repairing or replacing the window.

Note Down The Damages

Other than filing a police report, you should personally note down the things that you might have lost to vandalism. You can take pictures and make a video of the damaged car window, as it might come in handy for your insurance claims as well.

Contact A Mobile Auto Glass Company

If your auto glass is broken, you will find mobile auto glass repair services to be highly useful. Our team of auto glass specialists can come to you for free within 25 km of Winnipeg.

It means you won’t have to clean the broken glass up yourself. Instead, the experts can reach you quickly and properly clean your car so that you are safe to drive home or take the vehicle to the auto glass repair shop.

Don’t try to clean the vehicle with broken glass yourself, as small pieces of glass can cut you. Whereas technicians have the required equipment, such as a high-powered vacuum, to fully clean the vehicle.

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Protecting The Window Opening

Professional mobile auto glass repair services are capable of reaching you in many different areas. However, there is still a possibility that you might be stuck in an area where you are not able to contact an auto glass company.

In such a situation, you will have to implement some short-term solutions to protect yourself while driving and taking the car to an auto glass repair shop. Some of important tips to follow in such types of conditions are:

  • Get rid of the remaining glass from the frame. Wear a pair of thick gloves to protect your hands from stray glass shards. Carefully break away the remaining glass shards attached to the window.
  • Use a damp cloth to fully clean the window frame.
  • Cover the window with plastic. Start from the inside and use a transparent piece of plastic to fully cover the window. Use long pieces of masking tape to ensure maximum protection.

Keep in mind that even after following these steps, there is still a chance that there might be small glass shards in the vehicle that can adversely affect you. Therefore, your first priority should be to drive to a reliable auto glass repair company.

Take The Vehicle To An Auto Glass Expert

Ideally, you should schedule an appointment at a reliable auto glass repair and replacement company regularly to fix the chips and cracks that appear in your vehicles’ windows and windshields. However, it is common for a lot of people to ignore this important tip.

As a result, small issues can turn into bigger problems, and the entire window of your vehicle can get damaged, even when vandalism might not be involved. It can be a highly frustrating experience for anyone.

The good thing is that you can find professional auto glass replacement services to let the experts handle this critical process. They will thoroughly analyze your vehicle and follow the best repair or replacement procedure according to your vehicle.

About Exact Auto Glass

Exact Auto Glass is a certified and experienced auto glass repair and replacement company in Winnipeg. We have a large team of experts and auto glass specialists who are fully trained to repair and replace all types of windshields and vehicle windows.

If you are facing the issue of having a broken vehicle window or damaged windshield, you can contact us anytime for the best auto glass repair and replacement services.