Auto Glass Repair in Winnipeg

Auto Glass Repair in Winnipeg

Your automobile consists of 3 main glass components – windshields, sidecar window glass, and rear glass. These serve a vital functional role and are designed to keep you safe and protect you and the car’s interior from rain, wind, dust, debris, and all other external elements while giving you a clear 360-degree view of the road and the traffic around you. Most car owners have had minor cracks or chips on their car glass just from regular and daily use. Exact Auto Glass is Winnipeg’s top choice for quick and efficient auto glass repair. We offer full-service and professional windshield repair, replacement, and installation services and convenient mobile repairs for the glass on your car. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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Types of Auto Glass Damage

Given below are the most common types of windshield and car glass damage:

Minor Chips

These can be treated easily by a trained auto glass professional. If the damage is only on the outer layer of the glass, the damage can be fixed by a simple repair job. But the crucial thing to remember is that not more than two minor chips can be repaired. Anything more than that will require a replacement.

Bull’s Eye Crack

This is practically circle shaped and caused on impact by a relatively large object like debris, a pebble, or gravel. A bull’s eye crack also impairs the driver’s vision on the road by disrupting the line of sight. Your windshield can return to looking as good as new if trained and qualified professionals attend to such cracks at the earliest.

Half-Moon Crack

This is similar to the bull’s eye crack, except that the damage caused is not very circular and is caused by the impact of blunt objects. Half-moon cracks are slightly easier to repair than other types of cracks..

Star Break Crack

This type of damage resembles a star shape. It usually starts as a minor crack but soon branches off to the entire windshield glass. In such cases, it is imperative to get the damage fixed as soon as possible, although a replacement is usually the best option.

Combination Crack

This is a blend of a star break and a bull’s eye and tends to be incredibly difficult to repair. Rock chips or stone chips are the primary causes of combination cracks, and expert craftsmanship is essential for repairing these to avoid further damage to your windshield.

What To Do When Your Auto Glass Chips or Cracks

The need for an auto glass repair or replacement depends on the size, location, and extent of the chip or crack. Minor chips that are 40 mm in size or smaller and restricted to the outer layer of the glass are easy to repair. Star breaks, bull’s eye, half-moon, and combination cracks are relatively easily fixed. Here are some important steps to follow if you find a crack, chip, or dent on your windshield or auto glass:

Call the professionals

You should not attempt to replace your windshield on your own. Although it’s not a particularly hard or lengthy task, it can be dangerous if you don’t have any training and knowledge. Always call in a professional to get the job done right. Our experts will ensure your repair is done safely and effectively.

Get it fixed immediately

A glass crack or chip glass can spread quickly and cause more unnecessary issues if left unattended. Moreover, fixing a minor scratch or crack is inexpensive and a quick process. If you wait, that little chip can turn into a giant crevice which will require more extensive and expensive repairs and a possible replacement.

Know the details of your car

Knowing simple details about your car, like the year of manufacture and model number. Having a general knowledge of the specifics of some parts will make the whole experience effortless.

Check your insurance coverage.

Some insurance programs cover the cost of windshield and auto glass repair. Please review your insurance policy to see if windshield repairs fall within your guidelines.

A replacement is usually required if the damage is more than 40mm in diameter and if it penetrates both layers of the car glass. Repair is generally not an option if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver and a simple repair job will leave you with a weak windshield. Also, if your car glass is littered with many chips, a replacement is advised. As long as you entrust your auto glass inspection and repairs to a reliable and competent company like Exact Auto Glass, you can rest easy. We will have you back on the road in no time, so call us now!

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Importance of Immediate Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass damage can quickly escalate due to temperature, pressure changes, and other factors. A minor chip or crack can weaken the integrity and structure of the entire piece of glass critical to your vehicle. Immediate auto glass repairs are recommended because the smallest issue can:

  • Impairs the driver’s visibility.
  • Compromises general safety of the car.
  • Decreases the market value of your car.

Please call us for all your auto glass needs in Winnipeg. We can do everything from windshield repairs, replacements, installments, and mobile auto glass repair and replacement services!

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